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Hamilton bachelor party venues

Everyone has heard of the movie Hangover where a bachelor party went seriously wrong. However, there are many real life bachelor party horror stories that you may not have heard of.

In Edmonton, Canada a group of groomsmen thought it would be a great idea to kidnap the groom as a prank. Went started out as an innocent joke turned out to be a serious legal offense. They rented a U-Haul and wore nylons over their faces looking like burglars. They also thought it was a good idea to brandish baseball bats. They ran to the grooms house desperately looking for his hidden house key all while neighbors were watching. After finding the key, they went into the house and slammed the door. The adrenaline was rushing within the groomsmen as they were so excited to get the bachelor party started. They found the groom and began duct taping his feet and wrapping his arms with saran wrap. Oddly enough the grooms own fiancée was even in on the joke. This is how they knew exactly when the unsuspecting groom would be home.

The plan could have gone on without a hitch had they only informed the six neighbors that had all called the police. They men heard a knock at the door and answered it to two angry police men with guns pointed at their heads. A helicopter, K-9 unit and all available police units were on their way. The men had come up with the plot two weeks before when the groom complained that no one had thrown him a bachelor party yet. This made them decide to throw him one he would never forget.

The boys got lucky that they were caught at the house and not in the van. If they were caught in the van they could have faced serious kidnapping charges. The Edmonton police had reason to take this stunt seriously. Had any of the groomsmen acted stupid and tried running with nylon on their head carrying a bat they would have been in for seriously trouble.

The police checked all of their ideas and determined none had any sort of criminal past. They explained to the police that it was a bachelor party prank. The police threatened to charge the men $1,000 for deploying the helicopter. After laying into the groomsmen for hours the police chalked it up to a horrible prank gone wrong. Luckily after the cops left they were able to carry on with the bachelor party, all having some well-earned drinks.