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Rustic Wedding Venues

If you follow social media sites like Pinterest, you might notice that rustic wedding venues are extremely popular these days. So what is the definition of a rustic style wedding venue?

Barn-style venues, anything pastel, lace or vintage. Some might say mason jar wine glasses or center pieces make any venue feel rustic.

It seems like people are trying to steer away from the formal, fussy ballroom style.

Summer weddings have become more popular than winter weddings. That being said, a stuffy formal wedding seems silly in the summertime. Brides and grooms today seem to want weddings that are more warm and welcoming. They want a wedding that reflects the past without being too dated and boring. Weddings are becoming smaller and smaller as couples are interested in having intimate affairs with their closest family and friends. The rustic and vintage look provides a relaxed yet detailed setting for everyone to enjoy.

Another reason the rustic look is so popular is because usually brides are wanting their wedding to follow the latest trends. Many wedding planners feel the rustic trend will die out soon. However, there are many areas of the world where it will always stay a constant. In Canada for example, as long as there are barns to get married in the rustic look will stand the test of time.

Many brides are also adding a more bohemian look to the existing rustic trend. Thing more burlap, paper fringe and geometric shapes.

Rustic weddings make for beautiful photo opportunities. They are also very budget friendly when it comes to decor and planning. The food can be simple, the decorations and the beauty. Your options are endless when it comes to rustic centerpieces which is why this style is so popular. You have the ability to use your own creativity and freedom. Wildflowers, birdcages, burlap and pillar candles can all be the center of your tables. You and your friends can get creative and make your own rustic centerpieces which will save you a ton of money in the long run. Moss and succulents are very popular and a beautiful centerpiece or addition to your already stunning decor.

Unique Wedding Venues

If you aren't into a rustic or formal wedding, maybe you're into something out of the norm - and searching for a unique wedding venue or simply a unique theme.

Weddings that are off the beaten path are becoming very popular. Everyone wants to stand out and do something different. Or, they want to be able to express their individuality or their quirky interests as a couple. You don't have to make your entire wedding a quirky theme. You can do little things during the ceremony or reception to give your guests a laugh or a memory to remember.

You can play rock-paper-scissors with your bride or groom at the alter to decide who says their wedding vows first. Who wouldn't think this was funny or cute?

Have your guests hold a single flower and as you walk down the aisle take each one building your own bouquet as your reach your future husband.

Instead of having your guests sign a guest book you can have them use different color markers and sign Jenga blocks. Instead of splurging for table seat place card holders that you will never use again, use soft candies instead.

Your centerpieces can double as appetizers by choosing fruit bouquets instead of flowers.

Photo booths have been all "the rage" but some might find the trend starting to fizzle out. Why not do a video confessional booth instead? Guests can record a quick message for you and you can ask your videographer to edit some of the best clips.

When it comes to your first dance there is nothing quirky about the standard waltz. Learn a sexy tango or a swing routine by taking dance lessons prior. Choreograph a high energy hip hop or jazz routine. Adding your dad, grandpa and bridal party will really get your crowd amped.

No matter whether you like it or not social media is here to stay. Place a sign by your guest book with your signature wedding hashtag. Guests can then use your hashtag to upload photos or live Tweet about your wedding throughout the night. This is a great way to view fabulous pictures your guests have taken that your photographer may have missed.

Lastly, once dinner is over that doesn't mean the party stops. After hours of continuous drinking and dancing your guests are bound to be ready for a midnight snack. Have French fries on hand or a taco bar or a waffle truck.

Quirky weddings are fun simply because they are just different. Weddings can be beautiful but also boring. Weddings should be about what you want not what you think everyone else will enjoy. A unique, quirky wedding is bound to stick in your guests minds forever.